Mar 03 2014

Does Your Cat Have a Case of “The Winter Blues”?


We all know that familiar feeling of been “stuck” indoors at the end of a long winter. Cabin fever starts to set in as soon as you realize that you could not possibly dust one more corner of the house, or watch one more rerun before you go absolutely insane with boredom.


Well, just like humans, cats are no stranger to boredom caused by indoor confinement during the long winter months. This can be especially true for our outdoor friends who are used of lazing around outside on hot summer days, hanging out with their feline friends or chasing mice. Or for the indoor cat who misses lying in a pool of warm sunlight and watching birds through an open window.


When boredom calls, behaviors can start to escalate. Extra scratching, jumping up on counters or even the bullying of household dogs can start to occur. I am no stranger to these happenings myself. Just this winter I found a huge chunk of icing missing from my son’s birthday cake, and within the same week, witnessed the sinking of a fish tank light fixture. You guessed right, these two scenarios had ‘cat’ written all over them.


When your furry feline causes trouble, your first instinct might be to clap your hands so that they will quickly retreat from whatever possible mischief they might be getting into. But, what they really need is a little extra POSITIVE attention, or even just a change of environment to enrich their daily lives!


A couple of extra minutes of snuggling, petting or even brushing at the end of the day, might be enough to make all the difference in the world. Stimulation might also help to curb bad behavior. Laser pointers, flashlights or even a reflective piece of glass might be enough to start some fun afternoon playtime for your cat.


On the other hand, if you’re busy juggling conference calls and dealing with your toddlers tantrums, you might want to take a quick trip to the local grocery store. All you need is a few old boxes to stack together. Once you cut a few holes in them, voila, the perfect indoor cat playground has been created!


Follow these simple steps, or speak with a trained staff member at the Lansdowne Animal Hospital for some more tips on boredom. Before your cat blinks an eye, it will be summer again! And your new couch will have a few less scratches on it..




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