May 17 2014

Pet Food Series, Part 1: The Veterinary Exclusive Diet

Here at the Lansdowne Animal Hospital we only promote what we truly believe in.  This belief is carried over to the food products we carry, veterinary exclusive diets.   In order to get through our doors, these pet foods must reign supreme. But, what is so important about veterinary diets? And why are they covering our shelves? Keep reading to find out why they are so important to us…and to our four legged clientele!

The sole purpose behind these exclusive diets is to ensure that each and every one of our clients is matched up with the best possible diet suited to their own individual needs.  Just as not all people could possible eat the same foods; each animal also has different requirements. Some people need low fat or sodium restricted diets, others have allergies or are vegetarians. The same goes for the animal kingdom and it’s best not to ignore their nutritional demands/exceptions. Selling one basic diet would not possibly fulfill the demands of each and every animal that walks through our doors.  Veterinary diets are special because they are broken down into different categories based on: age, size, life stage, dietary requirements, sensitivities or ailments affecting the animal.  This ensures that they get exactly what their body needs, when they need it.  Each one of these diets will work with your pet’s body either as a preventative, a treatment or even as a team alongside a treatment. They can sometimes even reduce or completely replace the use of costly medications.

Veterinary Exclusive food companies are also innovative with their diets. They are constantly improving and striving to add new beneficial features to their products. Through extensive research, these companies discover new ideas about nutrition, ingredients, vitamins, supplements etc constantly. Therefore the products are constantly improving and will never be at a standstill. You will always have the best, most up to date, balanced diet to feed your pet.  This is why many of the staff members use these products at home with their very own pets!


Another reason we chose these diets is because they have many added benefits. They are made of high quality ingredients and are therefore more digestible. This is easier on your pet, and also helps make the bag last longer. Some of these products also have extra supplements added into them to help prevent ailments, such as: joint issues or urinary crystals as an added bonus for example. And each bag of food is preserved naturally with mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E). Plus…the best part is, these veterinary diet companies are so confident in their products, that many of them actually have guarantees. If your pet doesn’t like the product, or if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can simply return any un-eaten portion of food for a reimbursement or credit. Talk about service!


And last but not least… the big question is: Why are these diets only available through veterinary clinics and not at the pet store? The reason these diets are only available through veterinary clinics is that they are highly individual and based upon many factors. The animal’s weight, life stage, history, medical conditions, energy levels and body condition must all be taken into account. The veterinary clinic will have all of this information available for you, so who better than him or her to help? Diet choices must be made carefully in order to ensure optimal health benefits. Furthermore, your vet team members can follow up on your pet’s well being or make any other adjustments needed to your pet’s diet or medications if necessary.

So the next time you stop by our clinic, take a look at what’s covering our shelves. Confused? Ask a team member to help you make the right choice for your pet. It may be the best decision you ever make!






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