Ticks and other Parasites

Tick Tock, Time’s Running out…..Soon the Ticks Will be About!
(Not to mention other gross parasites…)

At 5’c of more, these little guys(the ticks!) will be out and about, looking for a bite. Yikes!

Even scarier, female ticks lay a clump of approximately 2000 eggs each spring….that’s a lot of trouble just waiting to happen.

And what’s more,is that ticks are emerging more and more, and they can carry many diseases including the well known Lyme disease.

Did you know that dogs are 50% more likely to contract lyme disease than humans? But, unfortunately this isn’t the only culprit. Whereas lyme disease takes at least 24-48 hours of tick attachment, other tick borne infections can be passed on to your pet in as little as only 3 hours of attachment and still cause tremendous illness.

Protect your pet, before time runs out. You can choose a preventative that’s oral or topical to make administration easy for you..and your pooch of course! Some of these meds actually cause the tick to die on contact, we agree with this concept;no bite is right! Bonus: Most of these preventatives, prevent heartworm disease and other parasites as well!

What is Heartworm? Heartworm disease is spread through infected mosquitoes, which are pretty much everywhere during spring and summer months in these parts of Canada(yuck!). And even though ‘Heartworm’ is a worm, they are not an intestinal worm, like the common roundworm that puppies often have. They are worms that can grow fairly large, up to 14 inches in fact , and circulate throughout the bloodstream before infecting the lungs and heart. This can be damaging, if not fatal for your pet. The hard part about this disastrous disease, is that once the dog has been infected, it takes 5-7 months from the time of exposure, in order for it to be detectable on a blood test.

This is why it is so crucial to have your pet tested each spring, we use the 8 min 4Dx test. Its quick and reliable… Plus: we believe it’s the best of the best, and we will accept nothing but the BEST for our patients! So in a nutshell, the 4dx results will let us know if your pet was exposed to either tick born diseases or heartworm last year before starting preventatives for this year!

So, Why can’t we just send you and your pet packing with a new box of parasite meds each spring without performing the 4dx?? While preventatives are great, starting them while your pet is unknowingly positive for heartworm can be detrimental. And once again, we want the best for your pets, and will do whatever we can in order to keep them in tip top shape each spring!

So please, when you think of spring, think of us! Actually, don’t just think of us, come VISIT us, and come in shortly as spring is just about here.We care too much to let your pet become just another statistic.


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