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        LASER THERAPY       


What is laser therapy?Laser therapy is the use of a “low level” or cold laser handled by a trained staff member or technician in the clinic. The process involves the application of red and near infra-red light over affected areas on the pet, and provides deep penetrating light to promote a chain of beneficial chemical reactions.
It is a great surgery free and non-invasive method which can be used to help alleviate symptoms of pain and inflammation AND helps to stimulate the healing of injured cells at an accelerated pace!


What are the benefits of laser therapy?
Reduction in inflammation/pain and better circulation to the affected area: The laser aids in the opening of blood vessels and by activating the lymphatic drainage system, therefore reducing inflammation. This process reduces swelling and therefore it results in a decrease in pain levels.

Stimulation of nerve cells: The laser stimulates nerve cells that block the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

The release of high levels of naturally “Feel good chemicals”: Laser treatments stimulate the production of high levels of endorphins which help to counteract pain.

Which ailments can laser therapy be used for?
Laser therapy is great for many conditions, including the following:
-Injuries (to tendons, muscles and ligaments)
-Soft tissue damage (ex: lacerations)
-Post surgical incisions
-Ear infections
-Inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis)
-Spinal pain/disc disease
-Hot spots or other uncomfortable lesions
-Arthritis/hip/knee problems
-Other infections (anal glands, slow healing wounds etc)

How can I tell if my pet is in pain?
Animals may show pain differently than humans, but you can look for certain sign, such as: Abnormal posture, being restless or unable to become comfortable when sitting or lying down, whining/crying or other vocalizing, difficulty standing up/going up stairs/jumping, limping or favoring of limbs, excessive licking or chewing of a specific area, trembling, lack of personal care (grooming), and sometimes excessive panting.


How long does a treatment session take and how many times does my pet need to be treated?
Most treatment sessions are very short, usually ranging from about 3-8minutes in length. The length of laser treatment really depends on each pet and their individual condition. Luckily, laser treatments are cumulative, which means that each additional treatment provides an even greater amount of improvement in your pet!
The frequency and duration of sessions vary by condition as well. Ask the veterinarian to help you decide on a treatment schedule that works best for your pet.

What should I expect at my pet(s) laser treatment session?
A technician will move the specialized laser ‘wand’ directly over the affected area(s) on your pet for a relatively short period of time (usually 3-8 minutes) in clinic. There is no pain or discomfort associated with laser treatment and your pet will experience rapid, almost immediate relief of pain following this procedure. Many pets relax during this time and become comfortable with the procedure fairly quickly.
*There are no known side effects to receiving laser therapy. It is considered safe and effective for both humans and pets!

Will my pet still require pain relief medication while receiving laser therapy?
Lasers can speed up healing and improve your pets quality of life either by itself, or sometimes in a combination with other medications (pain medication or antibiotics for example).
In minor cases, laser therapy may be used alone in order to alleviate pain and inflammation!

Have more questions?
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