Jan 26 2015

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    Dogs may become aggressive towards each other for many different reasons, unfortunately we may not always understand why. One of the reasons that we may not understand is due to…

  • Introducing your Dog to the New Baby

    Jan 05 2015

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    Many families have dogs as pets, and sometimes he or she may have been around long before the family even began to grow. If you have a dog who has…

  • Winter Woes and Holiday Hazards

    Dec 28 2014

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      With the winter season about to start and holidays right around the corner, it’s no wonder our pets find more to get into. First off, there are the uncontrollable…

  • All About Diabetes in Cats and Dogs

    Nov 09 2014

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      Diabetes is a well known disease among the human population, but did you know that it can affect both dogs and cats as well? The pancreas is a very…

  • Cats and claws!

    Oct 26 2014

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      Do you have a cat who scratches furniture? If the answer is yes, then you need to read this article! As you may know, declawing is an elective (chosen)…

  • Ear Infections

    Oct 09 2014

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    Your dog keeps repeatedly pawing at his head, shaking and scratching. Your sure nothing could possibly be wrong, but then you notice an odd odour emanating from the ears and…

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    Feline Urinary Blockages

    Sep 25 2014

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      You finally have a chance to stick your feet up and relax, when you notice your cat straining to pee on your favorite pair of shoes! Your first instinct…

  • The Dangerously Annoying Flea

    Sep 18 2014

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      Everyone knows about fleas, but is it really known how dangerous they can possibly be? To most people they may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, but flea…

  • Osteoarthritis- Tips and Management

    Sep 07 2014

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      Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease characterized by pain and stiffness of the joints, among other debilitating symptoms. The cause of this joint disease is normally due to some type…

  • House Soiling in Cats

    Aug 31 2014

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      HOUSE SOILING IN CATS The following contains information about an extremely frustrating, yet common issue in cats. So common in fact, that it is the number one behavioral issue…