Senior Pet Care

The age that dogs and cats become senior varies but can be anywhere from 6 years and up. Larger breed dogs tend to be considered senior earlier, closer to the 6-year mark while smaller dogs and cats are senior around 7-8 years old. As they enter the retirement age they will likely want to take things easier with less activity and vigorous exercise and more time napping and relaxing. As they continue to age you may even see some behavioural changes such as become more irritable or anxious and sometimes less attention to grooming themselves. But there are ways to make their golden years more comfortable and enjoyable. Switch to a Senior Food. As senior pets tend to be less active, they have less energy needs, Senior foods tend to be lower in fat and calories to help prevent weight gain as they age. For cats in particular senior foods are often formulated to help with the onset of Chronic Kidney Disease that so many can suffer from. Make your home Senior Friendly. As they age, they may not be comfortable with slippery floors or jumping to their favourite lounging spot. Nonslip mats and carpeting may make them more comfortable, and stools and ramps can help them access the bed or other high places. Provide a soft and comfortable spot to lounge. Joint pain troubles many older pets so a well cushioned bed in a warm quiet space can help them be more comfortable. You can even find heated pet beds to really spoil them. Regular vet care. Older pets are at a higher risk of many medical conditions. They don’t often heal as well and may not have as efficient immune system. Consider switching to a 6 month check up schedule to help detect any health issues early. We are here to help keep your fur baby happy and healthy for as long as possible.

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